Posting Policy

Posting Policy

What are the general Posting rules?

General Grabmedis Posting Policies
To use services of Grabmedis you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.

At Grabmedis we want to make sure that the website seems clean, friendly and useable for everyone to use. Ads which fall under the category of out of posting rules are stated in our help sections or terms of use may be removed from our website.

You will be solely responsible for all the information you have submitted to Grabmedis during registration and for the consequences that will be generated from your post. We reserve the right to modify your content by refusing and deleting it if we find it inappropriate in any terms. We also reserve the right to restrict users & service usage of the site or temporarily or permanently restricting user registration.

General reasons for ads being deleted are:

  1. Ad breaches General Grabmedis Posting Policies.
  2. Breaches of Australian law. It is the responsibility of the advertiser before posting an ad on Grabmedis to ensure that content advertised should follow Grabmedis posting policies as well as Australian applicable laws. As a condition of your use of Grabmedis specified under our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not violate any laws.
  3. Including any information in your ads designed to manipulate the search.
  4. The ad which is a duplicate of another which was posted earlier.
  5. Posting under the wrong category.
  6. We only accept the English language. Ad posted in any language other than English.
  7. No overseas ads or ads posted without an Australian IP address are accepted.
  8. No external links should be directed to other websites from your ad
  9. Your ad should be descriptive enough to provide the complete details about the product or services.
  10. Inappropriate language.
  11. Inappropriate photo/image.
  12. Any kind of discrimination related to race / religion / nationality / gender / etc.
  13. Ads that report other fraud ads.

Grabmedis holds the right to remove any ad which is not found relevant, or according to Grabmedis community rules, with or without any notice to the posted ad.

There are various reasons why your ad may be found breaching the policy and removed from the site are:

1. If Your ad has been reported to us:

When this happens we will suspend your ad temporarily until we review it.

We check the reported ads as soon as possible. If the conclusion came that ad has not broken any Posting Policies or terms of use we will activate the ad again instantly. You can check back again after some time if this the situation.

2. If Your ad has been removed by our moderation tools:


If the ad is identified by our automated tool as inappropriate or breaking our any Posting Policies or Terms of use will be removed directly from our website.

In most of the cases, we send an email to inform you when we have had to remove your ad Sometimes these emails get directed to junk so keep checking for Grabmedis emails. You can add Grabmedis to your safe sender & list.

If you have checked all the possibilities and none of them can be applied to your ad then you can directly contact us by clicking contact Grabmedis, we will be happy to help you out.

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