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Why do I need to know if the car is stolen?
Here are a few reasons for you to have a stolen vehicle check to make sure your desired car is not a stolen one:
Safety: When purchasing a used vehicle, you would want to know where it came from. If a car is stolen, it is hard to know what happened to it in between now and prior being stolen. For example, the odometer may be changed during that time. You may then end up buying a car that is a lot older or more used than you thought, which may be more susceptible to potential accidents.
Financial encumbrance: The car may have debts attached to it but stolen. In this case, the seller may not even know about it. If overlooked, the car can be repossessed by the previous owner and take the car from you despite the money you have paid. The financer can also repossess the vehicle on you which then turns you into the one in debts. No one wants to pay off someone else’s debt.
Help stop the crime: Everyone is paying their hard-earned money to afford and maintain a car. There are taxes, insurance, gas, maintenance and so on to pay for. You wouldn’t want your car to be stolen for the car thieves to make a profit for something they took for free. So check if the vehicle is stolen, and if it is, contact the police.
How do I check if the vehicle is stolen?
Doing a REVs check and PPSR check will get you well informed about the car’s history. Getting a PPSR certificate of the car from the Australian Financial Security Authority means that you will learn about the ownership of the vehicle. You may use CARIFY’s quick REVs check service to get both car history report and PPSR certificate. There are also other online services that provide car history reports, but not all of them provide PPSR cert as well. So be aware when purchasing reports.
To conduct a stolen vehicle check with CARIFY, you will need:
VIN or REGO number
Credit or debit card
Email address


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